Alphabetical Listing of Contractors

To obtain detailed information about a specific contractor listed and the products they typically install, click on the state name in which the contractor is located.

Each Contractor of the NRDCA is an applicator for several generic roof substrate systems. The contractor listing shown in each state now includes an icon describing the generic roof substrate system the contractor installs. Listed below are the icon’s and a generic product description.

LWIC_Icon Lightweight Insulating Concrete Roof Deck Systems

GYP_Icon Gypsum Roof Deck Systems

ESDC_Icon Engineered Mineral Board-Steel Deck Composite Roof Deck Sytems

CWF_Icon Cementitious Wood Fiber Roof Deck Systems



Bonitz Company of Carolina, Inc. Greensboro, NC  LWIC_Icon GYP_Icon CWF_Icon
Mike Ryan 336-378-1302 Serving:  VA, NC & SC
Bonitz of Georgia, Inc. Savannah, GA  CWF_Icon LWIC_Icon ESDC_Icon
John Coleman 912-964-7155  Serving: GA
Cell-Crete Corporation Hayward, CA  LWIC_Icon
Patrick Barclay 510-471-7257  Serving: CA
Cell-Crete Corporation Monrovia, CA  LWIC_Icon
Louis Fisher, Jr. 626-357-3500  Serving: CA
Condeck Corporation Albuquerque, NM
Ernie Casias 505-837-1112  Serving: NM
Drury South, Inc. San Antonio, TX  CWF_Icon LWIC_Icon
Mark Stevens 210-490-4779  Serving: TX
Nettles Construction Solutions Waller, TX  CWF_Icon LWIC_Icon
Bryan Batchman 936-372-9020  Serving: TX
Joseph Miorelli Company Hazelton, PA  LWIC_Icon
David Miorelli 570-455-2092  Serving: PA
KPost Company Dallas, TX  LWIC_Icon ESDC_Icon
Charlie Krauss 972-910-8777  Serving: TX
Latite Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. Pompano Beach, FL  LWIC_Icon
Dana Dodge 954-772-3446  Serving: FL
Marton Roofing, Inc. Houston, TX  LWIC_Icon ESDC_Icon
Joe Morgan 713-664-7000  Serving: TX
Quality Roofing Contractors Memphis, TN  LWIC_Icon 
 Felix Haynes 901-794-2235  Serving: TN
Rolling Plains Construction, Inc. Henderson, CO  LWIC_Icon 
Heather Boulanger 303-659-7861  Serving: CO
US Sigma E Stroudsburg, PA  LWIC_Icon   GYP_Icon
 Bernie Joly  610-331-2450
SeaWest Specialty Contracting LLC Cape Girardeau, MO  CWF_Icon LWIC_Icon ESDC_Icon
Charlie Westrich 573-332-1060  Serving: MO, AR, IL, IN, OH, KY, TN, MS
Semple-Gooder Roofing Corp. Rexdale, ON Canada
William Gray & Peter McGoey 416-743-5370  Serving: ON
 Southeastern Roof Decks (SERD)  Fayetteville, GA  Serving GA
 John Guissio  404-361-8710  CWF_Icon LWIC_Icon  ESDC_Icon
WestPro Construction Services Kansas City, KS  CWF_Icon LWIC_Icon GYP_Icon ESDC_Icon
Mark VanDoren 816-561-7667  Serving: KS, MO, OK
 All-South Subcontractors  Birmingham, AL  Serving: LA, MS, AL, FL
 Dean Morton  205-836-4227  CWF_Icon LWIC_Icon GYP_Icon ESDC_Icon