Engineered Mineral Board & Steel Deck System

Engineered Mineral Board & Steel Deck Systems are a unique, dry installed, non-combustible, structural composite roof deck system with 50+ years of unparalleled performance. These systems can withstand the strongest weather and exposure related stresses and last far longer than rival roof assembly systems. 

  • Unique, Technically Advanced  -  Systems designed with 13 original U.S. patents 

  • Dry Installed  - Licensed installers are professionals dedicated to getting the job “in the dry” faster and better

  • Non-combustible Over 50 UL hourly fire ratings 

  • Superior Structural Integrity - A structural composite roof deck system that controls roofing stress extending the life of various roof coverings for many, many years, saving thousands and thousands of dollars

  • Proven History of Unparalleled Performance  - Over 500 million square feet of roof assemblies in service